Charte environnementale Soremo
The recycling of the end-of-life engines requires important technical means to guarantee a respectful treatment of environment.
SOREMO had acquired the best tools to limit the emissions of the process.

Quality water

All the plant is fully equipped with a waterproof lining to ensure the draining of the liquid effluents from of water storm. All these waters are moved towards our treatment-centrifugation facility then there are stored in tanks reuse.
With this system, SOREMO doesn’t draw public water for his activity and the storm water of our plant is completely consumed during washing operation and cooling of the liquid metal.
There are no liquid discharge from our facilities.
The solid extracts from water treatment get a calorific value very interesting and so they are valued as alternative fuel in cement plants.

Air quality

The refinery is equipped with a very elaborate flue gas cleaning system. After cooling, the gas are scrubbed then send to a dust collector with filter bags for ensuring a discharge well below minimum regulatory requirement.
An absorbent specific is also introduce into the capturing network to trap all the micro-pollutants as heavies metals or dioxins.
The entire system has an self-monitoring system with continues recording of the rates of emissions. Regulatory measures are regularly done to valid the process efficiency.


These efforts have been rewarded with the obtaining the only specific administrative authorisation about the adding value of the end-of-life engines. Essential link in the recycling chain, SOREMO actively participates in the greenhouse gas emissions reduction because the aluminium recycling uses less 95 percent of the energy that would be needed to create a comparable amount of the metal from raw materials.