1. Recept of good

Each truck is weigted and a radioactivity control is done. As soon the goods checked and sorted, they handle them to the shredding process.

2. Shredding process

Concassage et Broyage - Soremo
The engines are loaded, depending on features, in our tree shredders to reduce them in small fragments lower than 10cm.
The product obtained is put into special washing system in closed-loop-circuit.
Then a magnetic sorting is done to separate out non-ferrous from iron and cast.
A hand picking control of iron and steel make it possible the withdrawal of the elements which could spoil the quality of this goods.
The non-ferrous elements coming from this step are handle to our heavy media separation plant.

3. Non-ferrous separating

Séparation des Non-Ferreux - Soremo
The non-magnetic goods came from shredding contain aluminium, copper, zamak, brass and non-metallic goods.
This products are separated from specific density difference in an entirely automatic system using heavy medium.
A first separation with a density of 3.2 make it possible insulation of aluminium and the non-metallic goods from others heavy materials. A second separation with a density of 1.6 make it possible insulation of aluminium from the non-metallic goods.
This aluminium is now ready to be used in our remelting plant.

4. Melting process

Fusion de l'Aluminium - Soremo
The aluminium coming from the shredder and from the heavy media plant are melted to be refined and the melted aluminum is turned into ingots for automotive industry.
Soremo gets a tilting rotary furnace completely automated and also a dry hearth furnace with a 30t holding chamber.
Throughout the melting process, samples are carried out for spectrographic analysis and correction in accordance with the customer technical specification requirement.
Silicon metal, copper, manganese et other metals can be added in the molten metal.
As soon as the analysis is validated , the aluminium is filtered then poured in an Ingot Casting conveyor.
For cooling the metal we exclusively use the water from rainwater recycling.
The ingots can be stacked on bundles according to customers specification.